How We Put Our Expertise to Work for You

J. Bumsted & Associates, LLC assists our carriers/clients in managing the maze of complex regulations in the transportation industry today. Each of our services is customized to fit your particular needs. We tailor programs for a diverse range of industries including all sizes of commercial fleets and passenger transports as well as for the agricultural industry. We’ll always provide the right training for your particular needs.

FMCSA/State CDL Training

Effective February 7, 2022 all new drivers subject to CDL guidelines must receive training that consists of Theory, Skills, & Behind the Wheel Training. J. Bumsted & Associates have extensively prepared courses which are not only advantageous to the student, but prepare the student as well as the carriers/clients for guideline requirements. Topics include subjects like Driver Rights and Privileges, CDL Vehicle Responsibilities, Safety and Professional Expectations to name a few.

Compliance Services

DOT Compliance Audits are one of our specialties at J. Bumsted & Associates. Utilizing our regulatory training, we look at required record keeping by carriers and companies using Federal guidelines. We report deficiencies to the owner/carrier and provide a comprehensive summary of recommendations that meet current regulations.

In addition we’ll prepare clients with necessary forms and guidelines for filing DOT# Off-Site Safety Audit Submittals to successfully obtain their DOT registration. As a PUC Compliance Organizer in SFR preparation, we also provide clients with the appropriate materials to obtain their State PUC registration for Intrastate For- Hire Transports. Our associates will ensure our client/carriers have the proper requirements to successfully obtain their state authority to haul for hire.

Company Compliance Reviews are another area of J. Bumsted & Associates expertise. We work closely with our clients/carriers to ensure positive outcomes in this arena. We’ll guide you and your staff through an audit type setting. Our extensive training in the conducting of Compliance Reviews as well as actual hands-on reviews conducted while working through FMCSA will give you and your staff the confidence you need for a positive review.

Transportation and Safety Training

At J. Bumsted & Associates we provide industry safety topics that are tailored to each client. Along with each custom-designed course we’ve developed a follow-up testing program that’s related to individual topics. Some examples among others include Load Securement, Drug & Alcohol training for supervisory personnel, and General Haz Mat training.

Our Associates will conduct hands-on inspections of company equipment for clients/carriers ensuring their safety for passage, that they meet Federal Inspection guidelines, and that defects are repaired by the client’s mechanical staff or choice of mechanical facility when required. Not only will these inspections ensure safe passage, but will prevent liability claims, and help prevent roadside violations, accidents, and potential audits.

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